Monday, 10 June 2013

Cross country!

On Wednesday KAMO PRIMARY SCHOOL had cross country.Alexis came first.

It was raining well we were running.




Cross country


I can do it I can do it I can do it.

I whispered. Ok let's do this.

As I stared at the starting line all I Could think was

Running nervously.

As I approached the starting line we did some

Warm ups for 30 seconds then we lined up.

Mr Soole said on your marks get set go.

As we were heading towards a corner

I was hoping I would'nt slip

And I did'nt. So that was good.

Anyway I was going over the hay bales.

And BAM! I slipped it was horrible .

That was my last lap I crossed the finish

Finally I'm done.


I need a drink please I said to mum.

She gave me one. Thank you that was horrible.



As I put on my shoes and socks

I thought maybe I will try my best.

Then I said please let it rain but...

It didn't.I thought again actually this is the day I've been waiting for this year and after that I'll be waiting for athletics.

I just can't wait for ATHELETICS!!!

I was scared that I would slip over on the slippery mud.

My favourite part was crossing the finish line.